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Personal note from Nicola:

My aim through this website, the blogs I write and the work I do is always about lifting the veil of illusion, to create a deeper understanding of how the world REALLY works and how to help people become aware of their limited programs and how to shift to higher wisdom and consciousness.

I love anything to do with frequency, vibration, energy and healing and anything that will fast track spiritual growth and spiritual development.

My foundation is in the ancient practice of Yoga. (Yoga, along with Dance are my number one loves and what I practice daily).

Yet I have experienced that when incorporating a modern-view practice or concept to the foundation there is a deeper enhancement, strengthen and speed in spiritual development. I aim to keep the authenticity of each practice in tact,  so I aim to combine the likes of quantum-physics, epigenetics, biohacking and spiritual practices together in a respectful and ethical way.

Therefore all my blogs are written with the intention to share the knowledge and wisdom I have experienced through all the practices, disciplines, ideas, and proven concepts.

Enjoy the reading. Hope you will find value and inspiration in the writings, and I hope that through reading these blogs and taking on some of the ideas for yourself that you open your heart and open yourself  to the truth of your beingness.

Thank you

Sat Nam

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