Kundalini Kriya

What is a Kriya?

The word Kriya means action.

It is an action that we perform that moves us towards a positive or changing outcome. This action can be something we do physically with our body like holding a particular posture or moving it over and over in a particular pattern. A Kriya can be a breath practice that affects Prana (life-force energy) for a specific manifestation. A Kriya can be a sound that we make or a vibration we create within us. It can be a visualization, a gesture, a meditation.

Kundalini Kriya

In Kundalini Yoga the word Kriya is used to describe a singular exercise. For example the Ego Eradicator is a singular breathing Kriya we do while holding a certain posture to gain many health and energetic benefits. 

The word Kriya is also used to describe a ‘set of actions’ aimed to bring about a certain objective. For example in the Kriya set for the Lymphatic System, that has singular Kriyas which are followed in a particular order to create an improvement in the lymphatic system.

The power of a Kriya is that it works on all aspects of our being simultaneously. 
Doing something like a Lymphatic System Kriya has its main objectives around strengthening the lymphatic system but it will also be working all physiological systems, balancing hormones, working on the mind, changing the energy around the chakras, affecting our electromagnetic field and raising our consciousness. 

The Golden Rule of Kundalini Yoga: Follow the Kriya set sequence exactly as it is laid out for best results.

How long do you practice?

Practitioners of Kundalini Yoga choose to practice for a minimum of 40 consecutive days.

A Kriya, meditation, chant or pranayama can be done longer up to 120 or even 1000 days.

The longer the practice the more effective it becomes. Read here on Sadhana for more on how to create your practice.


Below is a list of Kriyas for you to experience:

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