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Energetic Transformational Program - Journey to the soul

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About the Program

It’s my aim to guide and support you with this program to clear the gunk and low vibration that is keeping you from truly discovering and living who you are meant to be!!

This program takes you through an experience and deep dive using the spiritual power of Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, Intention, and New Age Transformational tools.

You will unveil levels of your being and work with your body’s innate energies to make positive shifts in your life….. and ultimately connect to your essence, your truth!

If you struggle with any of the following, this program is for you:

– Letting go of the past
– Learning how to meditate
– Finding inspiration in everyday life
– Overcoming anxiety and depression
– Learning how to love yourself
– Letting go of toxic people
– Discovering your life’s purpose
– Increasing awareness
– Finding the path to your true self
– How to live in the present moment
– Natural ways to increase focus and concentration

What you get in the program:

Besides the shifts and connection to your authentic self,  the program package includes:

– Before you begin intro pack (workbook and 3 short videos)

– Workbook
 and worksheets (sent via e-mail)

– 7 Short daily sadhana videos

– 4 Pre-recorded class videos

– Being part of an exclusive Telegram Chat Group

– 6 Community group on-line live Q&A sessions with Nicola (recordings sent to you)

– Support, motivation and guidance from me; Nicola

What one participant had to say about the program:

‘I liked the way the course was structured.
The information given was valuable as well as all the videos and explanations. The course lead us to a better understanding about oneself and being capable to work on your body, emotions, and soul level issues. The information given was on point, so that it was easily possible to integrate it into my daily life.
Thank you for sharing your deep knowledge.’

Angela – Reiki Master – Germany

More detail about the program:

The program is divided into 5 sections:

Section 1: Removing Blocks

Section 2: Dissolving the Ego

Section 3: Experiencing the Original You

Section 4: Your True Essence

Section 5: Integration

EACH section contains:

– Information workbook to read

– Written exercises to complete

– 1 or 2 videos to watch and follow for daily meditations and/or kriyas for you to practice

– 1 x 75 to 90 minute Kundalini Yoga class related to the section

– Live on-line community group chat for sharing, question and support

– A practical activity for you to integrate into your life

What each section works through:

Section 1: Removing Blocks

In this section we learn about blocks and how all of them are ultimately energy.

We discover the energy system of the body, specifically the chakras.

We discover and work on our own physical, behavioral and emotional blocks.

We gain an understanding of our psychosomatic link between a block/ issue/ pain/ emotion and the related underlying behavior/ thinking pattern/ program.

Then, in this section, we work on ways to start releasing and shifting these blocks.

Section 2: Dissolving the Ego

In this section we learn HOW our patterns, habits, behaviors and personality are created.

We learn about the levels of consciousness of the mind, take a scientific look into the Ego and learn about neural programing.

We dive deep into our personal past to reveal how our past has shaped who we are today.

Then we work with techniques to release and shift the parts of our programming that we no longer want to run.

Section 3: Experiencing the Original You

This section introduces us to the unlimited, infinite, abundant, deeper part of our being.

We gain an understanding about the transition from the small, limited aspects of ourself  into the higher conscious, expansive, unlimited aspects of ourself. 

We learn about shifting from the old paradigms of information and the mind into the new way of embodiment to gain wisdom.

Our personal discovery, in this section, is through revealing what our truth really is in relation to what is our old conditioning and how to discern between the two to move forward.

In this section we start answering that big question: ‘who do I want to be?’

Section 4: Your True Essence

This section introduces us to our soul, to our true essence.

It guides us on how to live in this world by living from our heart and our soul.

When we come to our heart and soul we awaken. In this section we learn about the different ways of this awakening process and the path that unfolds once we are awakened.

Our personal discovery is how to connect to our heart and the positive emotions of the heart to live a fuller, happier life.

We dive deeper into the big questions of: ‘Who am I?’, ‘Who do I truly want to be?’



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What you will gain:

-A deeper understanding of your limited past, patterns, programs, blocks and behaviours and how to shift them

-A deeper understanding of your Ego and how to work with it

-A deeper understanding of how your mind works to feel more empowered and in control

-Remove energetic blocks that have been keeping you stuck

-Increased compassion towards yourself and others

-Uncover truth about yourself

-Breathe life back into yourself

-Feel inspired and motivated

-Have a clearer sense of direction

-Lift the veil of unconsciousness

-Reconnect with your true self

-Improved self-awareness

-Improved focus

-Greater resilience

-Know what to let go of

-Raise your consciousness

-Deeper understanding and awareness of how to work with Kundalini energy

 -A deep immersion into the transformational technology of Kundalini Yoga

There is no time like NOW to do the work on yourself!

What another participant had to say about the program:

‘Thank you very much for your support and for teaching me how I can make happiness a part of my life.

Thank you for teaching me how to walk a good path, how to live in the present moment with reminding me how to enjoy every moment and live by counting on today.

Thank you.

I am very grateful to you for being my Yoga Teacher.’

Irina – Yoga Teacher – South Africa

Your commitment and requirements:

-1 month of DAILY commitment.

-Some Kundalini Yoga experience

(No experience? Well then I can help. I have a series of videos to introduce you to Kundalini Yoga. Once you have done this you will have enough foundation to join the program. Email me to get the pack:

-Access to a computer / laptop / I-pad to watch and follow along with the videos. This program does not work on a phone

-For the worksheets you will be given them, via email, in Word format (for PC), Pages format (for MAC) and a printable version that you print yourself. So you NEED to use a laptop / computer for this program. It does not work with a phone.

-An e-mail address, as all correspondence is sent via e-mail

-Access to the phone communication chat app: Telegram.

-Willingness to interact with the group on Telegram and via online live chats.

-15 Minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening, every day, for the meditation and/or kriya practices

-30 – 45 Minutes EVERYDAY for reading, reflecting and writing your answers to the questions in the workbook and worksheets

-Once in each of the 4 main section; 90 minutes to participate in the full length class

-A willingness to change yourself

-A willingness to shift your sh*t

-A willingness to discover yourself

-A willingness to expand and raise your vibration

You Are Worth It!

Next Program Starts in 2024

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What other participants had to say about the program:

‘An oh-so-necessary dive into the deep layers of self.
It’s hard to find a spiritual development program that actually delivers beyond your expectations.
This Program is a beautiful mix of theory, practice & reflection. I found it equally challenging and rewarding, and it has provided me with what I know will be lifelong tools.
I loved the classes as well as the daily Sadhana kriyas, pranayama, and meditation videos, some of which I continue to do daily. Nicola provided a healthy amount of support and guidance throughout the program, and the group’s energy kept me motivated (knowing that we’re all in this together).
I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to step outside the usual light and fluffy courses that prevail in spiritual communities or that follow one particular dogma. This course is an excellent and authentic blend of tradition, philosophy, and tools for exploring the self and committing oneself to the path. Thank you Nicola for sharing your wisdom and guidance!’

Colleen – Copy Writer – Canada

‘1. Framing things in terms of blockages, identifying blockages, their causes and unblocking them has helped me better understand the programming that I’ve been unconsciously running and giving me the same results. 

2. After taking your course, the universe presented me with several situations to address some blockages. When I took the time to address them a major weight was lifted.

3. For so long I was focusing on the past and now I finally feel like I’m looking to the future more. 

4. I felt sensations in my body again from my energy.
I will be going through the program again and in more depth.’

Stanley – Student – Thailand


Investment for this program is £111.

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It's time to lift the veil of illusion of your life and step into your truth

Next Program Starts in 2024