This is Sadhana.
Improving your life with one small habit a day.

A space for inspirational life hacks, daily habit guide and spiritual practices to wake you up, change your life, raise your consciousness and have you feeling happy. Read further below on how to use daily practice to raise your vibration and consciousness. 'Sadhana with Nicola' blends ancient science of Yoga with modern tools, techniques and concepts.

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What is Sadhana?

The word Sadhana / Sadhna means: “a methodical discipline to attain desired knowledge or spiritual goal”. In other words it is a daily spiritual practice.

This practice can include a variety of disciplines that come from Yoga, Energy work, Self-development, Self-improvement, or from traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism or Sikhism.

Sadhana is done for attaining a higher level of awareness and consciousness. It is done for a level of spiritual realization, detachment from ego, liberation and enlightenment.

Practicing daily spiritual habits means you can live and thrive rather than being bounced around by your external world, other people and the whims of your thought and emotions.

Read here for more on Sadhana.

Shift from Surviving to Thriving

There’s a huge difference between surviving and thriving.

To survive means to “continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger, crisis, hardship or stress.”

To thrive means to “flourish, to prosper, to have abundance, to be fortunate or successful, to grow or develop vigorously.”

When we are in survival mode we are concerned about our basic physiological needs as well as our safety. We are not concerned about personal development or spiritual enlightenment. We are not concerned, for example,  about eating healthy or making our heart felt career choice. We are concerned only about getting food in and having any job that will bring in income, regardless of how harmful or soul numbing this can be for us.

When we live in survival it means our level of consciousness has lowered. Our vibration has lowered. Our awareness constricts and we start living a very small existence.

When our energy and vibration lowers, our emotional health lowers as well. We start to feel downward spiraling emotions like frustration, doubt, worry, depression, hopelessness, fear.

When being in a space of survival we loose the ability to see possibility and opportunity. We get tunnel vision and our lives are thick with past memories and future worries.

At this point all we can do is try get through the day.

However, by adding just one healthy habit or one life hack we start to make a shift. This shift is ever so small, but this shift creates a bit more space, a bit more awareness, a slither of hope.

If we continue to practice the habit, we then create enough energy to add another and then another habit. Slowly we raise our vibration and consciousness. Our emotions start to shift upwards, our self esteem raises, we make healthier choices, we begin living in the present.

When our vibration raises even more we are able to take on and maintain Sadhana practices.

Through the act of daily practice we move upwards towards our spiritual goals and soul purpose.

Wherever you are in your life, this website is here for you to give you life hacks, habits and Sadhanas to shift you from surviving to thriving.

This website is ever evolving with new blogs, techniques and videos getting added weekly. The foundation of the website is based on the spiritual practices of Classical Yoga and Kundalini Yoga but included a range of other spiritual practices and disciplines…. all to be revealed. If you don’t want to miss out on the latest information follow on Facebook: Sadhana with Nicola

I am here to guide you to:

To identify the patterns, thoughts or behaviors keeping you stuck

Too connect with your higher self and a higher power.

To have more fulfilling relationships, careers, and experiences.

A healthier relationship with you body.

More ease.

Finding Your True Self Program

This is a 24 day integrative energetic transformation program that takes you on a journey to your soul.

This program works on removing the blocks and programs that keep you stuck.

It helps you answer the questions:

Who am I? –  Why am I here? –  What am I supposed to be doing with my life? – Who is the true me?

If you are ready for change this is the program for you.

My mission is to lift the veil of illusion, help people navigate their awakening and help humanity raise their vibration & consciousness.