Raising Frequency

Introduction to raising frequency

In order to wrap our heads around energy and frequency we need to shift our understanding of the world from old Newtonian way of thinking into new Quantum way of understanding.

Newtonian physics is concerned with things that are large – generally large enough to see. This is where the expression of: ‘seeing is believing’ comes from. This is an old way of thinking and is a belief that what we see is real and anything else is not real or does not exist.

What modern science is proving every day is that there is more that what we can see.  Science has proved that the stuff we can’t see is the stuff that governs our world. This is where Quantum physics comes in. Quantum physics  deals with things that are tiny – so small that they are the size of atoms and even less.

Quantum physics also deals with energy  and the interconnection of all things.

What has been proved is that it is energy that makes up 99% of our reality and world. The 1% is the tangible stuff that we can see and what we call particles or things.

Everything Vibrates

Everything in the entire universe, including ourselves, vibrates. Everything vibrates at different speeds and frequencies.

We are vibrational beings.

Our thoughts vibrate at certain frequencies.

Our emotions vibrate at certain frequencies.

Our body parts vibrate at different frequencies.

The food we eat, the environment we are in and objects all vibrate at different frequencies.


It means that other people, things, places and experiences affects us more than we realize.

It means that we can influences everything in our reality. It means we can change our reality by changing our frequency.

If we want to be healthy, if we want to have lots of money, if we want meaningful relationships, if we want to calm our mind, or connect more with the Divine we can do this by working with frequency.

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